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SAP Note 998399-Changing the Oracle Instance Client

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摘要: Note Language: English Version: 7 Validity: Valid Since 2006.11.14SummarySymptom The Oracle Instant Client is a new version of the Oracle Client Softwarethat is available with Oracle10. It implements ...
Note Language: English      Version: 7      Validity: Valid Since 2006.11.14
  The Oracle Instant Client is a new version of the Oracle Client Software
that is available with Oracle10. It implements the Oracle Client functions
in a small number of DLLs, and does not require the complex directory
structure of the Oracle9 Client nor any entries in the Windows registry.
Oracle delivers two different instant clients, which differ in the number
of character sets which are supported. The Instant Client Lite only
supports the character sets WE8DEC and UTF8. The Instant Client Full
supports all character sets that were supported by the previous Oracle
Client versions. The reason for delivering two different version is the
image size of the DLL, which is required to keep all character sets. The
Lite version has about 18 MB, the Full version about 90 MB.
As there is a shortlack of virtual memory on Windows 32-Bit systems, SAP
decides to use the Oracle Instant Client Lite version on Windows-based
application servers.
Other terms
Oracle Instant Client Lite, Oracle Instant Client full, ORA-12737
Reason and Prerequisites
If your SAP system is exceptionally installed with a different character
set, or your SAP system also connects to a non-SAP database using a
different character set, you need to adapt the SAP system to use the Oracle
Instant Client Full version.
For more information about Oracle National Language Support (NLS) within
your SAP system landscape, see SAP Note 606359.
Both Oracle Instant Client versions are included in the instant client
archive that is available on SAP Service Marketplace.
Proceed as follows:
1. Download the Oracle Instant Client as described in point 1 of SAP Note
SAP Note 998004 also describes the general steps for updating the
Oracle Instant Client on Windows.
2. Create your own Oracle Instant Client using the Full Client version as
a) Create a working directory (c:\work\).
b) Copy the instant client archive into this working directory.
c) Rename it to OCL102##_lite.sar
d) Create a subdirectory (c:\work\content)
e) Change to the "content" directory.
f) Unpack the instant client archive:
sapcar -xvf ..\OCL10232_lite.sar (32 Bit )
sapcar -xvf ..\OCL10264_lite.sar (64 Bit)
g) Get the name of the Instant Client Lite DLL with the command:
dir lite
There is only one DLL in this directory.
h) Delete the Instant Client Lite DLL in the current directory with
the following command. Use the file name of the previous step:
del <filename>
i) Copy the Instant Client Full DLL into the current directory with
the command:
copy full .
j) Update dbclient.lst to reflect the changes:
dir /b > dbclient.lst
k) Pack it into the SAP Archive:
sapcar -cvf ..\OCL10232.sar * (32-Bit)
sapcar -cvf ..\OCL10264.sar * (64-Bit)
3. Proceed with Step 2 of SAP Note 998004 using your own-built Instant
Header Data
Release Status: Released for Customer
Released on: 2006.11.14 09:28:57
Master Language: English
Priority: Recommendations/additional info
Category: Customizing
Primary Component: BC-OP-NT Windows NT
Secondary Components:
BC-DB-ORA Oracle
The Note is release-independent
Related Notes
Number   Short Text
998004   Update the Oracle Instant Client on Windows
606359   FAQ: Oracle National Language Support (NLS)






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