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Note 389675-PFCG File Format for Uploading Menus to User Roles

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摘要: Note Language: English Version: 3 Validity: Valid Since 28.11.2002SummarySymptomIn the role maintenance transaction PFCG, on the Menu tab page there is afunction Import from file.What's the purpose of ...
Note Language: English     Version: 3     Validity: Valid Since 28.11.2002
In the role maintenance transaction PFCG, on the Menu tab page there is a
function Import from file.
What's the purpose of the function?
Which file format is used to upload a menu?
What's the difference to Download/Upload of roles?
Other terms
Reason and Prerequisites
External products may like to send their menu description to the SAP
System. These extermal product can produce a file containing the menu
definition which should be uploaded into a role.
SAP doesn't deliver such a program.
File Format for Uploading Menus to User Roles
The menu is saved as a parent-child hierarchy. Each node in this hierarchy
is identified by an object ID that only occurs once in the hierarchy.
Each object ID has a parent ID. If different object IDs have the same
parent ID, the type of sorting determines the sequence of the nodes.
The root node of the structure is always the node with the number 1.
The root node does not have to be part of the structure in the file.
At least one node of the structure must have the parent ID “00001” to
specify that this node hangs directly under the root node.
Character 1 - 20: name of record type
Record description or record type 'FORMAT'
Characters 21 - 40: Version of the format used in the file (left-aligned);
the format described here is version 1.2B
Record description or record type 'NODE'
Characters 21 - 25: node object ID (right-aligned)
Characters 26 - 30: parent node ID (right-aligned)
Characters 31 - 35: sort sequence (right-aligned)
Characters 36 - 55: node type – FOLDER for folders,
- TRANSACTION for SAP transactions,
- URL for URLs
- KW for Knowledge Warehouse links
- Your own node types if defined
Characters 56 - 310: node information for the node type
In case of node type FOLDER: no node information needed
In case of node type TRANSACTION: transaction code
In case of node type URL: URL
In case of your own node type: the node information
Record description for record type 'TEXT'
Characters 21 - 25: node object ID (right-aligned)
Characters 26 - 27: language for the text of this record in ISO
standard(for example EN = English, FR = French, DE = German, ...)
Characters 28 - 107: text in the language specified in characters 26 - 27
You want to import a hierarchy that contains five nodes consisting of four
different types with text in three languages. You have defined your own
node type YOUR_OWN_TYPE and specified the function modules for the
functions of this node type.
Note: Defining your own node type is optional and is used to copy data from
external products to SAP roles - up to 255 bytes per node. If you do
notdefine your own node type, you can use the node types supplied by SAP.
SAP currently supplies four node types: FOLDER (for the menu hierarchy),
TRANSACTION (for SAP transactions), URL (for URLs), and KW (for Knowledge
Warehouse links).
Naming convention for node types: Y, Z, or a licensed namespace /../ prefix
for customer developments or partner developments.
Example (see file attachment):
Root node (ID 1 - not part of the file)
|-- Node A (ID 2 - node of type "YOUR_OWN_TYPE")
|-- Node B (ID 3 - node of type "FOLDER")
    |-- Node C (ID 4 - node of type "YOUR_OWN_TYPE")
    |-- Node D (ID 5 - node of type "URL"
    | for example, a static URL to the SAP Workplace)
    |-- Node E (ID 6 - node of type "TRANSACTION"
     for example, transaction PFCG = role administration)
Difference to Download/Upload of roles
Download/Upload of roles is a complete different function.
(See note 181368)
Header Data
Release Status: Released for Customer
Released on: 04.12.2002 15:53:13
Master Language: English
Priority: Recommendations/additional info
Category: Consulting
Primary Component: BC-SEC-AUT-PFC ABAP Authorization and Role
Valid Releases
Software Component Release FromRelease ToRelease and Subsequent
SAP_APPL 46C 46C 46C X
SAP_BASIS 46 46D 46D  
Related Notes
Number     Short Text
181368     Download of roles from old systems
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