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1318883 - Introduction of new authorizations in Web Service Framework
Version Validity: 2012-12-17 - activeSymptomWhen you configure Web service (WS) consumer and provider objects, you notice that the current SAP user does not have sufficient authorization to execut ...
2014-9-9 10:47
sap note 548699 - FAQ: OS collector SAPOSCOL
Head dataReleased On 2002.10.08 20:10:01Release Status Released for CustomerComponent BC-CCM-MON-OS Operating System MonitorsPriority Recommendations / Additional InfoCategory FAQSymptom1. How do I in ...
2013-12-17 11:22
113747 - Owners and authorizations for BR*Tools
Version 22 Validity: 2013.10.10 - activeHeader DataReleased On 2013.10.10 16:54:41Release Status Released for CustomerComponent BC-DB-ORA-DBA Database Administration with OracleOther Components BC-DB ...
2013-11-19 15:36
Note 116042 - Message "Memory low."
Summary Symptom In any transaction, the following message is generated at the bottom of the screen 00072 "Memory low. Leave the transaction before taking a break!").User and system adminstrators do no ...
2013-1-24 11:39
Note 684106 - Microsoft runtime DLLs
Validity: valid since 09/09/2010 Summary Symptom You are unable to start 32-bit programs as of SAP Release 6.40 or 64-bit programs as of SAP NetWeaver 7.1 because Microsoft runtime DLLs are missing.O ...
2012-9-13 15:53
Note 1497445 - SAL| Logging the IP address instead of the terminal name
SummarySymptomYou cannot make sure that the IP address is logged in the Security Audit Log instead of the terminal name if both values are available - see Note 539404, question 10.Other termsSAL, Secu ...
2012-9-5 11:23
Note 539404 - FAQ: Answers to questions about the Security Audit Log
SummarySymptomThis note contains answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).Configuration Question: What is the difference between static and dynamic configuration? Question: Why do changes to the st ...
2012-9-5 11:18
Note 1010990 - Configuring a Standalone Gateway in an HA ASCS instance
Summary Symptom You run a SAP NetWeaver '04 (6.40), SAP NetWeaver 7.0, or SAP NetWeaver 7.1 or higher system in a failover cluster with only the (A)SCS instance(s) running inside the cluster environme ...
2012-9-3 23:09
Note 1518419-Page file and virtual memory required by the SAP system
Note Language:English Version: 2 Validity: valid since 10/21/2010 Summary Symptom This note provides information about how to calculate the virtual memory and page file size, the various SAP system i ...
2012-7-5 15:28
Note 934109 - Work process status "Stopped RFC"
Symptom In the process overview (transaction SM50), there are processes with the status "stopped RFC".Other terms stopped RFC, stopped CPICReason and Prerequisites A work process is assigned and canno ...
2012-5-31 09:32
Note 1231497 - Work processes remain hanging in the status "stopped RFC" ...
Summary Symptom Work processes remain in the status "stopped RFC" and you must terminate them manually to exit this status. The trace file dev_disp contains entries of the following type:*** ERROR = G ...
2012-5-31 09:28
SAP Note 361236-CKMLCP:No period-end closing operations after period shift
Note Language: English Version: 13 Validity: Valid Since 10/26/2005SummarySymptomYou are unable to carry out any period-end closing operations for thepenultimate period in the material ledger after t ...
2011-11-30 14:19
SAP Note 1178671-Conversion of Views from non-Unicode to Unicode
Note Language: English Version: 7 Validity: Valid Since 2008.06.13 Summary SymptomWhen converting a system from non-Unicode to Unicode one of the followingissues can occur with customer defined views: ...
2011-11-3 20:43
Note 389675-PFCG File Format for Uploading Menus to User Roles
Note Language: English Version: 3 Validity: Valid Since 28.11.2002SummarySymptomIn the role maintenance transaction PFCG, on the Menu tab page there is afunction Import from file.What's the purpose of ...
2011-10-10 14:49
SAP Note 998399-Changing the Oracle Instance Client
Note Language: English Version: 7 Validity: Valid Since 2006.11.14SummarySymptom The Oracle Instant Client is a new version of the Oracle Client Softwarethat is available with Oracle10. It implements ...
2011-10-10 14:37

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